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Can Multiple Myeloma Affect The Brain?

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Can Multiple Myeloma Affect The Brain?

Patient Question: Can multiple myeloma affect the brain?

Answer: Yes, unfortunately multiple myeloma can affect the brain. There are three main ways it can have an impact.

First, there can be a direct effect on the brain from the myeloma actually invading the brain.

Second, complications associated with multiple myeloma can affect the way the brain functions. These complications include hypercalcemia (high calcium levels) or hyperviscosity (thickening of the blood). Both of these myeloma symptoms can cause confusion.

Finally, the treatment for multiple myeloma can cause a mental cloudiness, often referred to as chemo brain.


Dr. Guido TricotDr. Guido Tricot, MD, PhD, is a multiple myeloma specialist who has been researching and treating myeloma for over two decades. He is the director of Holden Cancer Center’s Bone Marrow Transplant and Myeloma Program at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

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